eye extension faqS

Q:What are JORYALASH eyelash extensions?

A:JORYALASH eyelash extensions are for professionals who specialize in semi-permanent false eyelashes and the tools needed to apply the extensions.

Q:How do I choose eyelashes?

A:There are four types of lashes that are currently the most popular on the market. The first is 100% mink lashes, which are very gentle and suitable for people who have fragile lashes themselves; the second is silk lashes, which can be used as a substitute for people who are not sensitive to animal products, and are also light and soft in texture; the two remaining types, which are most commonly used, are synthetic mink lashes and slack lashes, which are made from synthetic materials.

Q:What do extensions mean? How are they fixed to the lashes?

A:Eyelash extensions are false lashes that are attached to the original lashes with specialized lash glue to thicken the lashes and bring out the beauty of the eyes. A professional and experienced extensionist will be able to apply the extensions one by one to the original natural lashes, with very little of the glue coming into contact with the skin. The time it takes to apply the extensions depends on the professionalism of the extensionist and the number of natural lashes the client has, with the average time being 2 hours.

Q:What is the difference between classic/volume/flat/premade fan lashing?

A:Classic lashing is 1v1 extensions where a single false lash is attached to a single primary lash. These extensions are inexpensive, less difficult to apply, and lengthen the primary lash, but they are not as soft and thick.

Volume lashing is an extension where multiple false lashes are attached to a single native lash. Compared to classic, it requires a higher level of skill, but the result is stunning, very natural, very thick, very gorgeous, and of course, very soft.

Flat lashing:also called Ellipse lashes,they are eyelash extensions with a flat, rhomboid base. Also known as cashmere flat or ellipse lashes (an ellipse is an oval).This will allow more space for the false lashes to stick and stick more securely, and it has the same soft, natural characteristics.

Premade fan lashing:What’s special about easy fan lash is that 2 lash extensions layers bonded together.Double bonded design is easy and fast to make fans,and lash fans will not fall apart and the lashes are thicker and curler.